Our company

Our company

a new culture of partnership

Over 30 years of dynamic and sustainable development, Marillion (formerly Mazars) has become a strong player on the market, entering the Top 8 of audit and consulting groups in Russia. We provide professional services in audit, accounting outsourcing, financial, tax and legal advisory. 

We listen and hear, understand the client's ambitions, solve the problems they face and work towards the goal together.

Our mission

We change the role of an audit and consulting
company to a permanent
business partner

Marillion in numbers
  • 30+

    years of experience

  • 3


  • 400+

    staff members

  • 900+


Our values

  • People First

    People First

    Not a hierarchy, but cooperation - both within the team and in interaction with the client. In our work, people communicate with people and people make decisions.

  • Flexibility


    The ability to understand requests and needs helps us to create unique offers for each client.

  • Relevance to the context

    Relevance to the context

    Drawing on years of accumulated experience and expertise, we have our finger on the pulse of changes in various industries and legislation. We are among the first to respond to changes and communicate them to our clients.

  • Proactivity


    We do not just do our job, it is important for us to offer the client effective solutions adapted to his business.

History of the company

The name of the company refers to the book "The Silmarillion" by J.R.R. Tolkien's, which tells about "marillions" or "sylmarils" – pure, firm, and valuable magic crystals. These crystals inspired the founder to name the company "Marillion" and thus draw a parallel with the important qualities of every auditor – transparency and conciseness of communication, objectivity and independence, as well as the value of expert experience.

  • Mazars opens an office in Moscow and starts operating in Russia

  • Establishment of the St. Petersburg office

  • Growth and strengthening of positions in ratings: Top 15 audit firms

  • Establishment of Togliatti office and global rebranding

  • Founding of the Russian audit firm Marillion

  • In the Top 20 audit firms as well as Top 1 among firms providing audit services to insurance organizations

  • Top 1 audit firms providing auditing services to the members of finacial market.

  • Merging Mazars and Marillion

    Merger with Marillion, which from now on provides services under the Mazars brand.

  • Exit from the international network and rebranding

    The Russian practice of Mazars continues to operate under the Marillion brand as an independent Russian company that is not part of an international network

Our ranking positions

  • 1

    Audit of Insurance Companies

  • 2

    Audit of Investment Institutions

  • 3

    Preparation of Financial Statements (IFRS)

  • 7

    Preparation of Financial Statements (RAS)

  • 8

    Largest Russian Audit and Advisory Groups

  • 9

    Tax Advisory

  • 9

    Legal Advisory

  • 10

    Payroll Processing

Marillion in professional

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