Salary increase for highly qualified specialists

Salary increase for highly qualified specialists

From 1 March 2024 migration legislation introduces the salary increase for highly qualified specialists (hereinafter referred to as “HQS”).

The new minimum salary for HQS is now amounts to 750 000 rubles per quarter. Previously the minimum salary for HQS was set as 167 000 rubles per month.

In connection with these changes the employers shall increase from 1 March 2024 the basic salary of HQS to 250 000 rubles, or increase the salary of HQS by the way of other (incentive or compensation) payments.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia explains

Despite the fact that the law is not retroactive and the salary of HQS in January and February 2024 may not exceed 167 000 rubles per month, the employers shall make additional payments to HQS in the end of March (in the form of incentives or compensation payments) in such a way that the total salary of HQS for the 1st quarter of 2024 is not less than 750 000 rubles. If the quarterly salary amount indicated in the quarterly notifications does not comply with the new requirements, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia refuses to accept such notifications, and in other cases, imposes administrative liability for violation of current legislation.

For HQS whose employment relationship was terminated in January or February, the employer applies old salary requirement (167 000 rubles per month).

Administrative responsibility

In case of violation by the employer's obligations established by law in relation to HQS, the employer shall receive a ban on employment of HQS for 2 years, as well as fines may be imposed on the company (from 400 000 to 1 000 000 rubles) and its officials (from 35 000 to 70 000 rubles) according to Article 18.15 of the Administrative Code.