Anti-crisis business support

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We do our best to solve pressing problems and adapt to the needs of customers and the market. In order to help you and your business navigate the rapidly changing business environment during this challenging time, the Marillion team has formed a practice of anti-crisis consulting support. We support companies in manufacturing, construction, energy and raw materials, services, consumer goods, transport and logistics, IT, pharmaceuticals and medical devices in changing business structure, supply chains and operations, analyzing sanctions, restrictions and risk management related to the situation.

Support when changing business structure

  • Development of alternative holding structures. Analysis of the consequences of changing the holding structure (sale of shares to residents, etc.);
  • Changing the structure of payments to key employees (structuring payments in foreign currency through foreign companies of the group, etc.);
  • Analysis and support in migration issues (obtaining work permits, etc.);
  • Analysis and support in expanding activities in Russia (new activities, localization, obtaining investment incentives).

Advising on sanctions and restrictions

  • Analysis of applicable restrictions and risks, taking into account the business and nature of transactions;
  • Analysis of the possibility of conducting transactions;
  • Deal structuring

Anti-crisis consulting

  • Analysis of applicable tax and other benefits and support measures. Risk assessment of their application;
  • Assistance in obtaining benefits;
  • Declaration support within the new deoffshorization stage.

Advice on downsizing

  • Legal issues and suspension requirements;
  • Analysis and structuring of the approach to the reduction of activities, taking into account the specifics of the business (joint venture, the presence of state contacts / transactions with state companies and authorities, etc. situations);
  • Supporting the liquidation of legal entities persons;
  • Risk analysis for shareholders and management. Apply risk mitigation measures.

Advising on changing supply chains and operations

  • Legal support in structuring new supply chains;
  • Analysis of applicable customs duties and financial burdens within alternative supply chains;
  • Analysis of transactions and preparation of documents related to changes in operating activities (new contracts, assignments, etc.).

Analysis of the company's compliance with SME criteria and inclusion in the unified register of small and medium-sized businesses (SME register)

Inclusion in the SME register will allow organizations in the form of LLCs or JSCs with the participation of foreign legal entities to obtain official legally provided benefits in the form of reduced insurance premium rates (15% instead of 30%) on monthly wage payments in excess of the federal minimum wage. Moreover, simplified rules for accounting and tax accounting are applied to small and medium-sized businesses. They also receive benefits when participating in public procurement. Based on the results of the work, we will prepare for you a report on the compliance of a Russian legal entity with the SME criteria and confirmation of the possibility of including it in the register, and we will also enter your company in the SME register through the Marillion personal account on the website of the tax authority. Please note that audit organizations enter the relevant information monthly from the 1st to the 5th.

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