Audit and actuarial services for insurance

From the brokers and captives to universal insurers and life insurers, as well as the participants of the reinsurance market and the sphere of pension funds - whatever your business is, our team has extensive knowledge and rich experience, which will help to solve your tasks.

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Audit and actuarial services for insurance

A deep understanding of the insurance industry

We understand that the insurance business largely depend on a complex financial environment, accompanied by current significant changes in the regulation of the insurance business. We also understand that you are faced with multifaceted tasks such as:

  • The necessity to comply with constantly changing requirements of the legislation and accounting standards;
  • Constant monitoring and adaptation of regulations and instructions of the Central Bank;
  • Transition to the new chart of accounts and sectoral accounting and reporting standards;
  • Financing of operating activities;
  • Risk assessment and adaptation of the strategy to market changes;
  • Provision of comparable and transparent information;
  • Improvement of financial parameters;
  • Strengthening of the internal control;
  • Optimization of processes in the organization.

We are proud of our expertise in Insurance sector. This enables us to provide our clients with a wide range of services:

  • Actuarial evaluation of insurance provisions under RAS and IFRS;
  • Consulting and analysis of legal requirements and accounting standards;
  • Consulting on issues related with introduction and applying of the instructions of the Central Bank and their adaptation for a specific claims of the company;
  • Assistance in transferring to a new Chart of accounts.

Realizing objectives your business faces, Marillion’s specialists offer an individual approach to solving your problems. Our experienced team is one of the largest among professionals in the field of audit and consulting of insurers. Our knowledge of local and global markets, as well as deep technical expertise, allows us to provide high quality services to customers.

A single integrated platform

What distinguishes Marillion from other companies - is a system of the specialists in the sphere of audit and consulting of insurers on a single integrated platform of services that gives us the opportunity to combine the efforts of professionals in audit, tax and consulting services.

Thanks to this approach we can timely and accurate respond to the questions of our customers and to provide our services efficiently and effectively. All the necessary procedures are included in order to ensure the highest quality of service.

The advantage of Marillion lies in a unique business model. You will get not only the reliability of international player and technical expert, but also service at the level of individual business partner.