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Providing legal services to help you make decisions in accordance with the norms of Russian and foreign legislation.

Our clients can contact us for practical advice and assistance in developing strategies in the following areas:

Corporate Law

Organizing a business: When setting up a business, the first issue a founder faces is determining the legal structure of the organization applicable to achieve the goals and objectives. We provide recommendations on choosing the most optimal organizational and legal form for starting a business in Russia. We provide a full range of services for the registration of LLC (including joint ventures), accreditation of branches and representative offices of foreign companies.

Reorganization, restructuring: To achieve your business goals or change your business in accordance with new requirements, it periodically becomes necessary to reorganize the company. We can help you with any reorganization project, including mergers and acquisitions. In addition, we provide our clients with recommendations on capital restructuring with the subsequent implementation of the project.

Advice and comprehensive support on business termination: After the completion of projects, we provide support in the liquidation of an existing business. Depending on your expectations regarding the timing of the procedure, we can offer you various options for terminating economic activity.

Commercial Law

We provide ongoing legal support to various companies in the development and verification of draft contracts, the implementation of the rules of the Group of Companies at the local level, and also assist in negotiations with counterparties. In addition, we provide advice on the restructuring of receivables.

Labor law

We provide advice and support to employers in the field of personnel management when hiring employees, as well as during their work during the term of the employment contract, including recommendations in the field of bonuses and social security. If it is necessary to terminate an employment contract, we provide recommendations related to dismissal procedures, in relation to a specific situation (grounds for dismissal, agreements on termination of employment contracts) in order to reduce financial costs and / or minimize the risks of litigation in connection with termination of an employment contract.

Migration rules

We provide all the services necessary to obtain the required migration documents, including visas and work permits for foreign workers and their families.

Dispute Resolution

Our extensive experience in tax and commercial disputes allows us to develop effective litigation strategies and assist in amicable dispute resolution in order to maintain normal business relationships with commercial partners. Our goal is primarily to protect your interests, and in the event of a litigation, we make every effort and use a creative approach to successfully protect your interests.

Tax dispute resolution practice provides clients with comprehensive support, including challenging tax authority decisions in arbitration courts.

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