Legal services

We provide comprehensive legal services to help our client both in the resolution of the problems arising in their day-to-day business and in elaborating their decisions in compliance with the regulations in force in Russia and abroad.

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Legal services

Our clients can rely on us for practical and strategic advices in the following areas:

Corporate Law

Business set-up: when implementing a business, the first issue remains the determination of the adapted legal structure to your particular needs and targets. We advise our clients on choosing a right legal form to start up business in Russia. We provide full scope services on registration of LLCs (including Joint Ventures), Branches and Representative Offices of foreign companies.

Reorganisations, restructurings: for the achievement of your business objectives or the necessary adaptation of your business to new regulations sometimes it is necessary to reorganize the group structure. We can implement any reorganization project, including mergers & acquisitions. Also we advise our clients on capital restructuring projects with further implementation.

Consulting and comprehensive support on termination of the company's activities: when a project ends, we help you in liquidation of existing business. Depending on your expectations in terms of timelines we can propose several scenarios for liquidation.

Commercial Law

We look after all the legal support in day-to-day business: drafting and reviewing contracts, adapting group templates to local rules, helping in negotiations with counterparties. Our expertise also covers debts restructuring. 

Employment Law 

We advise and support employers in the day to day management of their employees, upon hiring and during the performance of their employment contract including in advisory in C&B planning. In case of projects on termination of the employment contract, we advise you on the applicable procedure adapted to the situation of the employee concerned (types of dismissal, mutual agreement on termination) enabling you to minimize financial consequences and/or to avoid the risk of litigation with the employee upon the termination of his/her employment contract.

Migration regulation 

We provide all the services necessary for the obtainment of the requested migration documents, including visas and work permits for the expatriate and his/her relatives.

Dispute Resolution

Our extensive experience on tax and commercial dispute resolution enables us to implement litigation strategies including, if the case may be, amicable dispute resolution, for instance to preserve good relationship with commercial partners.  We are focused on the defense of your interests and, in case of court litigation, we are fully involved with pro-activity and creativity in the proceeding to represent you successfully.

Tax Dispute Resolution Practice provides the clients with the comprehensive support, including litigation / tax dispute resolution in commercial courts.