HR administration of certain staff categories

Military registration, preparation of mandatory documentation about the employees registered in the military, maintaining military records, interaction with military enlistment offices and local authorities, making and submitting reports.

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HR administration of certain staff categories

In accordance with the Russian law, all organisations, regardless of their legal form are obliged to perform military registration of citizens of the Russian Federation working in such organisations (subpara. 6 para. 8 of the Federal Law 'On Defense' dated 31 May 1996) and create necessary conditions for employees to perform their military duties.

The procedure for maintaining military records is determined by:
- Federal Law of 24 April 2020 No. 132-FZ 'On Military Duty and Military Service';
- Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of 27 November 2006, No. 719 'On the approval of the Regulations on military registration';
- Guidelines on maintaining military records in organisations, approved by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation dated 7 July 2017.

If a company does not maintain military records or they are maintained incorrectly, administrative fines, which depend on the number of employees liable for military service, can be applied to the employer. In practice, fines for each violation are multiplied by the number of liable employees.

Studying the legislation related to the procedure of maintaining military records, accounting for the requirements of military enlistment offices and maintaining relevant documentation – all take a lot of effort and resources. Entrust these responsibilities to the Marillion team. We will help you optimise HR processes while minimising time and costs, as well as successfully pass military enlistment checks and avoid penalties.

We provide support in the following areas.

Organisation of military registration

- Military registration of the organisation in the territorial military commissariat and local administration, preparation of all required documentation.

The following documents are required for the registration:
- Order on the appointment of a responsible person
- Work plan for maintaining military records drafted for one year
- Card No. 18
- Certificate from the Administration (Council) of the District
- Filled-in application for military registration.

As representatives of your company, we will prepare and submit all the documents for both District Administration and enlistment office. You can also delegate to us all regular interactions with the military registration and enlistment office.

The Marillion team will take care of organising and maintaining the document flow for military registration, including paperwork, coordination and representation of the company in the military commissariat and territorial bodies.

Revision and restoration of existing documentation in case military records have been maintained in the organisation previously.

Maintaining military records

Entrust us with all tasks related to maintaining a record of persons liable for military service to reduce the burden of your HR team and avoid hiring additional specialists:

Organisation of paperwork and workflow. Creation of a file cabinet with information on personnel registered with the military authorities.
Maintaining personal cards of the Form No. 10 for conscripts and employees that are in reserve, as well as conducting an annual reconciliation with the military enlistment office.

- Representing your company at the territorial military registration and enlistment offices. Interaction with the military registration and enlistment offices.
Providing information on employees subject to initial military registration or on employees who are required to register as well as informing about personal data changes or hiring and dismissal of an employee etc. 

 - Mandatory journaling

 - Maintaining up-to-date military registration documents

 - Providing your company with information on military registration in consultation format

Annual submission of updated documents and reports to the District Administration and the military commissariat before the start of the next calendar year.

Preparing for inspections

One of the main tasks of the military commissariats is to conduct audits of organisations on the issues of their military registration. The military registration and enlistment offices carry out annual checks on the maintenance of military records in organisations with a headcount of more than 500 people, while in other organisations inspections are conducted at least once in every 3 years.

We will organise an audit of internal documents for you prior to the inspection, recover the necessary documents and eliminate potential risks. We provide support in the following areas:

- Interaction with inspectors

- Documents recovery

- Filling out the check log

Please note that in addition to military registration, you can outsource full payroll and HR administration to us.

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- Organisation of military registration
- Maintaining military records
- Preparing for inspections