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Quality and customised tax solutions that fit your requirements and budget.

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Tax consulting

Tax Practice of Marillion provides qualitative and tailor-made solutions that will suit your needs and budget. You will receive the personal attention of the experienced advisor with extensive experience in tax consulting. Being on the edge of audit, accounting and law our experts know best practice applied by companies and prefer giving practical solutions and not just a theory that is far from reality.

Why Marillion?

We combine knowledge and experience of cross-industry expertise and local understanding, that allow us to offer a wide range of professional services.

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'Single window' Experts perform at the professional conferences and author in TOP media Transparent pricing, fixed cost of consultations Rich industry experience, including large and mid-sized international and Russian business

How we can help

Corporate taxes advisory: Profit Tax, VAT, Assets tax, Social Contributions

We are able to answer all your questions related to any Russian corporate tax. Our team combines global expertize with local knowledge in order to help you in understanding of taxation rules applicable to both purely local and cross-border transactions (international taxation). 

Tax reviews: identification of tax risks and tax potential

Tax review may be required:

  • As preparatory stage for the field tax audit by Russian tax authorities, during such review we will identify tax risks in your business and recommend solutions for its elimination or mitigation, thus, you will minimize possible tax fines;
  • In case when a company would like to decrease tax burden and optimize tax payments to the State Budget, for this purpose we will conduct audit of your activity and recommend how it is possible to decrease amount of tax expenses, thus you will understand tax potential in your company.

Tax assistance in M&A transactions

M&A transactions are associated with risks and exposures that should be identified at early stage. Our tax professionals identify tax risks by carrying out pre-acquisition and pre-sale tax due diligences, elaborate required recommendations, elaborate tax efficient strategies and structures.

Transfer Pricing

  • Carrying out diagnostics of TP risks;
  • Developing internal policies on intragroup transaction pricing;
  • Introducing appropriate information flows required for TP compliance;
  • Preparing TP Documentation and TP Notification;
  • Advising foreign companies entering the Russian market on the existing TP regulations, so that group TP policies and approaches are adjusted accordingly from the beginning to reduce potential TP risks.

Tax Dispute Resolution

Tax Dispute Resolution Practice provides the clients with the comprehensive support in dealings with tax authorities, including:

  • Support during the desk and field tax audits conducted by tax authorities;
  • Pre-trial dispute resolution services;
  • Litigation / tax dispute resolution in commercial courts.


  • Analysis of the current tax risks in relation to the existing individual’s assets and appraisal of the amount of penalties that could be deemed to an individual arising from violations of the currency and tax legislation of the Russian Federation;
  • Preparation of the set of documents required for application of the tax exemptions for submitting to the tax authorities:  3-NDFL tax return, resolution of distribution of assets and statement for the application of income tax exemption;
  • Preparation of a special declaration, relevant documents for the CFC, as well as the notification of the opening accounts required for exemption from responsibilities;
  • Submission to the tax authorities on behalf of the individual by the power of attorney.

Personal Income Tax advisory

We can support you at all the stages of the personal income taxation process:

  • Analysis of the personal tax situation;
  • Preparation and submission of a personal income tax return;
  • Assistance in payment procedure;
  • Obtainment of a Confirmation on absence of debt.