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Marillion provides transaction support services, assistance in investment and financing projects through due diligence on the part of the buyer and seller, will make an independent review of the business, and provide practical support after the transaction.

Advising on M&A projects

Selling your business

We can help you get the best value for your business. We offer the following services:

  • Preparing the business for sale and working with you to determine the best strategy before the process is officially launched
  • Preparation of information memorandums, brief presentations (teaser), financial models, business plans and other documents intended for potential buyers
  • Identification of potential buyers and establishing contact with them in any location
  • Analyzing, evaluating and negotiating proposals to achieve your goals and maximize benefits
  • Managing the sale project to completion to ensure minimal disruption to day-to-day business continuity
  • Interaction with legal advisors to optimize contractual terms

Raising Funds

We can help you identify and evaluate your financial needs, appropriate structures (equity, debt, mezzanine financing, etc.) and find suitable partners. In addition to raising funds through the sale of shares or capital increases, we also offer a full range of consulting services for raising debt capital.


We can advise you on the following issues:

  • Determining the appropriate capital structure (proposed debt vs. equity)
  • Agree terms with the source of capital, bonds and borrowings
  • Selection of a financial partner in accordance with your plans and strategy
  • Implementing a governance structure to meet the goals and expectations of management and your new financial partner
  • Structuring and agreeing on a package for managers and a shareholder agreement in accordance with the development strategy

Acquisition and external growth

We assist large national and international groups, private enterprises and financial investors in the implementation of their acquisition projects and external growth. Marillion will help you every step of the purchasing process:

  • Develop an engagement strategy and scorecard to measure goals
  • Screening the market to identify targets
  • Assistance in establishing contact and negotiating with the target company anywhere in the world
  • Initial analysis of the information provided
  • Price analysis and assessment of potential synergies
  • Price proposal preparation and discussion
  • Managing an acquisition project to completion to ensure minimal disruption to day-to-day operations
  • Interaction with other advisors such as due diligence providers, legal advisors and asset sellers

Deal support

Our approach and our team consider the specific needs of each transaction based on technical excellence and experience:

Our qualified specialists will help you:

  1. Get a complete picture of the object and its business model by carefully analyzing the activity of the object for previous periods (analysis of income, working capital, cash flows, etc.).
  2. Conduct a critical review of the entity's business plan and its underlying assumptions.
  3. Identify conditions that can prevent the conclusion of a transaction or the main risks related to the activity of the object and the transaction itself.
  4. Evaluate the terms of the deal and analyze the financial factors that directly affect the cost of the purchase.
  5. Determine the optimal tax structure for the transaction.
  6. Contribute to the determination of the financial implications of the sale and purchase agreement and their evaluation in the period after the transaction.
  7. Identify ways to improve the internal control system, organizational system and personnel management system.
  8. Analyze possible differences between Russian accounting principles and IFRS.

Independent Business Review:

  • Overview of the company's activities (markets, products, equipment, management, etc.)
  • Understanding the root causes of poor financial health
  • Assessing the current financial stability of the enterprise and its future financial prospects
  • Analysis of short-term and long-term cash flow forecasts, including sensitivity analysis to various factors

Valuation of business and tangible and intangible assets

Many years of experience in the valuation of business and tangible and intangible assets and the professionalism of the appraiser in Marillion guarantee the accuracy, timeliness and objectivity of evaluation activities of any complexity.

  • Forecast of financial consequences in case of business restructuring,
  • Determining the value of assets in the event of a business restructuring or price distribution in the event of an acquisition,
  • Overhead and profit analysis,
  • Analysis of past operating performance and forecasting future financial results,
  • Calculation of discount rates and multiples,
  • Checking the accuracy and sensitivity of business models.

Quantitative Finance (IFRS 9, IRB, Scoring)

We offer you the following settings:

Modeling: Marillion consultants develop a wide range of models for financial institutions that will enable you to assess and manage credit risk. Models are based on both internal and external data.

Analytics and research: Our Quant team can perform all types of analysis in the field of credit risk management. We use a variety of risk analysis methods, from basic econometric methods to state-of-the-art machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms.

Trainings: Marillion consultants provide training to clients on developing credit risk component scoring models. We are ready to provide you with a key set of analytical and practical tools for self-development of models in Excel, MatLab, Python and R.

IFRS 9 compliance

Marillion has a deep understanding of the subject and experience in implementing IFRS 9 projects. We are developing individual methodologies and calculation tools (both installed directly on the site and cloud-based) for:

  • distribution by stage of impairment;
  • portfolio segmentation;
  • transition matrix evaluations;
  • TTC (end-to-end cycle) and PIT (point in time) default probability (PD);
  • TTC and PIT loss in case of default (LGD);
  • modeling the magnitude of credit exposures exposed to credit risk at the time of default.
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