Tax dispute resolution

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Tax dispute resolution

Tax dispute resolution Practice provides the clients with the comprehensive support in dealings with tax authorities, including:

  • Support during the desk and field tax audits conducted by tax authorities, including in case of VAT and other overpaid taxes refunds, analysis of the tax authorities’ requests for documents / explanations, assessment of legal basis for tax authorities’ actions and requests, assistance in preparation of responses to tax authorities’ requests, advising on the most favorable way for providing tax authorities with the documents and information, advising the employees on how to participate in interrogations and supporting them during interrogations;
  • Pre-trial dispute resolution services, including analysis of tax authorities’ reports after audits, supporting in collecting of the evidence, preparation of the objections on tax audits reports, representation of the taxpayers’ interests before the tax authorities during consideration of tax audit’s materials, preparation of the appeals to the superior tax authorities regarding tax authorities’ decisions;
  • Litigation / tax dispute resolution in commercial courts, including preparation of the claim and other procedural documents necessary for the dispute resolution in court, supporting in collecting the evidence, representation of the taxpayer’s interests in court.